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So, my photoset of some of Disney’s reused animation has become surprisingly popular! First of all, a big thank you to everyone who has reblogged it. But it is important that I explain a few things.

Firstly, every film that traced animation from earlier Disney films was made after Sleeping Beauty and before The Little Mermaid, with one exception which I will discuss later. During this 40 year period after Walt’s death, animation was a dying art, and the films were being produced on smaller and smaller budgets. Tracing from earlier films was simply a way to cut costs. Films made in this era had other telltale traits, such as black outlines (while almost every other Disney film had colored outlines, dating back to Snow White, the very first Disney film). Another unfortunate sign of the lower quality animation was the lack of clean-up animation. In films such as The Jungle Book and The Aristocats you can often see sketchlines on characters, flickering in and out of visibility as they move around.

Now, the one instance in Disney’s “modern” classics where tracing was seen again is the final scene of Beauty and the Beast, as Belle and her prince dance and the screen zooms out. Their movements were identical to those of Princess Aurora and Prince Philip in 1959’s Sleeping Beauty. This is a case where I personally argue that the technique was used as a tribute, rather than a cheap way to finish the film. Let’s look at a shot from Bambi that was recycled for The Fox and the Hound to explain what I mean. (Image from prodisney.ru)

39 years later, the traced version from The Fox and the Hound is noticably lower quality. The rain is more simplistic, and does not splash off the back of the birds - in fact, the rain doesn’t seem to be hitting them at all. Also, the color scheme of the birds in the original image was made blue-ish to match the background, as the weather would have changed the appearance of everything in the scene. In the second version, the birds appear the same color that they would have if they hadn’t been in the rain at all, and do not match the background’s coloring. In this case, tracing the image was clearly just part of an overall lower quality animation. In the case of Beauty and the Beast, the scene in question (and the entire film) was done on a significantly higher budget, and was as high quality for it’s time as Sleeping Beauty was for it’s own time. It is more than likely that the reference to Sleeping Beauty was more of a “Hidden Mickey” or nod to the classic film, rather than “cheating” as some people would put it.

The main point of this post was to educate people on when and why Disney recycled animation. If you are a Disney blog, please reblog this! For more information, search Youtube for Disney’s recycled animation. It’s very interesting, especially for anyone interested in animation or Disney history.

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